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Nitorinc / Danmaku Tournament

Nitorinc / Danmaku Tournament

No Touhou Matsuri is complete without some healthy competition to get the blood boiling! Bulldoze your way through NitorInc’s series of microgames or dodge the rain in our Danmaku Tournament! Winners walk away with awesome prizes sponsored by Armaggeddon Malaysia!

General Details

Venue : Touhou Matsuri @ Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre (SPCC)
Event Date : 18 &19 August 2018
Participation Fee : RM60 (Inclusive of entry to Animangaki)

Touhou 16.5 Violet Detector

Touhou 16.5: Violet Detector

The next generation of camera shooters debuts at Touhou Matsuri this year! Come try out the newest instalment to the Touhou franchise!

Danmaku Challenges

Danmaku Challenges

AMG-Chan’s fan favorite is back! We've got Easy elementary school type deals to Lunatic tasks to delight Touhou veterans! The harder the challenge, the bigger the prize so get practicing!

Rules and Regulation:

  • Players may attempt this game without registration.
  • Players draw a challenge randomly from their chosen level of difficulty.
  • Players need to clear the challenge to win a prize.
  • The tougher the challenge, the bigger the prize won.
  • All stages chosen are on Normal mode unless mentioned.
  • Games are drawn randomly unless mentioned.
  • Players are given 2 continues by default.
  • Players are given 1 retry at any point (e.g: early mistakes in a score challenge).
  • Usage of game glitches is prohibited.


Assorted Touhou Merchandise

Cosplay Lucky Draw And Quizzes

Cosplay Lucky Draw And Quizzes

Throughout the event, we'll also be tossing out prizes randomly through our Touhou quizzes and Cosplay lucky draws. There something for everyone at all times, so come join in the fun! It's a great time to be a Touhou fan!

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