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Feeling the Summer heat? Let’s blast it away with our AMG-chan’s Omatsuri!

What is “Omatsuri”?

Typically, it refers to the many traditional Japanese festivals celebrating the passing seasons. While we don’t have the four seasons, we have successfully put our own spin to make it more FUNTASTIC for all!

Earn points from our games and win attractive prizes. Take home as many as you can!

Our Games

Perfect Aim

Toss ping pong balls into spots that contains different colours. Different colours indicate different amount of points.

Skee Ball

Uses golf ball to skee up a platform that contains holes. Each hole contains different points.

Drop balls

Drop a pingpong ball onto a board full of obstacle nails and see what points the ball lands at.

Nerv Gun

Shooting tin cans using a Nerv gun to win points.5 bullets to shoot, total 5 targets


Uses bow and arrows to shoot down 5 targets. How many tries?

How to participate?


Obtain tokens & score card

Purchase coin tokens and score card at Omatsuri booth's registration counter.


Play! Play! Play!

Use coin tokens to play in each game counter.


Record your points

After playing a game, remember to provide your score card to our gamemaster to record your points.


Collect your prize!

Once you're satisfied with your points earned from the games, head over to the prize redemption counter to collect your prizes.