Hobbies & Collectibles Community (Mobile)

Hobby & Collectibles Community (HCC) is a community in which passionate collectors share the same love and passion for toys & collectibles.

From its inception years till the present state, this community has grown steadfastly from a humble-sized group of people to a significantly larger community. We are proud of where we are and what we have become today.

With every AniManGaki, we always strive to improve our figurine display division, offering better experience and a more diverse selection of content for attendees. This year is no different!

Come check out our amazing display as we bring all art, toys & collectibles together and share the love of this hobby to the community.


Featured Cosplayers

Come meet and greet these amazing and talented cosplayers from abroad! Two from Taiwan and one from Malaysia, they are sensational because of their visually stunning cosplays. Don’t believe us, ask their throngs of fans!

Featured Artists

Derrick Chew (DCWJ)

Derrick Chew's Artwork 1
Derrick Chew's Artwork 2
Derrick Chew's Artwork 2

He received formal training in 2d animation while in school and has always been very fascinated and inspired by Japanese anime as well as western style art.

Formerly a Senior Artist from Imaginary Friends Studios, he later branched out to specialise in doing Character Illustrations and concept art for various entertainment and gaming companies like Games workshop, Kabaam, Kingdom Death, Square Enix, Epic Games, Ninja Division, Applibot and many more.

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Gary Choo

Captain America
Guardians of the Galaxy

Gary Choo is an artist residing in Asia, his notable works includes Conceptual Art for LucasArt’s 1313, Monkey Island 2: Special Edition and CoverArt for Image Comics Liquid City 3. Currently he is a Senior Concept Artist at a local start up, Mighty Bear Games. In his spare time Gary freelances for Marvel Comics.

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Dragon Sym
Mercy Mccreevfx

Despite her diminutive size, the universe in Rachel’s head is infinite - filled with darkly delicious and wondrously beautiful things. And sometimes, these things materialize themselves on canvas and we are lucky enough to witness them. This Malaysian devotee of the Elder Gods was once forced into the world of martial arts by frightened parents who could not comprehend the magicks exploding forth from her small being, hoping that discipline and an overhead throw could be her salvation (spoiler alert: it didn’t save her). What did save her though was the determination at the end of an art pen and the constant satisfaction of weaving into life a beloved waifu. The rigors of her craft hold her reality in place one day at a time.

Today, the LASALLE graduate works professionally as an animator and concept artist. But truthfully, that’s the least interesting thing about her. You only need to say hi and talk to her, to discover as I have, a living, breathing spark of adventure.

Our Community

Meet our partners that represent with us in our exhibition. Get to know them and if u feel that you belong to us, simply drop by and say hi. Get involved and join our community now!

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