The Malaysian Touhou Brigade presents Touhou Matsuri, Malaysia's largest annual Touhou event! Come meet other Touhou fans at our booth jam packed full of games and activities related to everyone's favourite series.


Think you've got what it takes to dodge the rain? Come participate in our annual Danmaku tournament!



If fighting games are more your thing, then you'll want to pit your skills up against the top fighters in our Soku King-of-the-Hill event! Attracting players as far as Indonesia and Singapore, you can be sure to see some great match ups!



Throughout the event, we'll also be tossing out prizes randomly through our Touhou quizzes and Cosplay lucky draws. There something for everyone at all times, so come join in the fun! It's a great time to be a Touhou fan!


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  • Participant: 16 slots
  • Participation Price: FREE
  • Titles involved: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom, Imperishable Night, Mountain of Faith, Subterranean Animism, Undefined Fantastic Object, Ten Desires, Double Dealing Character
  • Difficulty: Normal (Top 16), Hard (Top 4), Extra (Final)
  • Rules: Participants are paired with each other, Versus Mode (Single-elimination style)(Best of 3 for top 4), Score Attack


  • You must be present to participate
  • All participants will be paired up with each other to compete in a score challenge, in which the highest scoring participant will advance to the next round.
  • In each round, the selection of game and stage will be determined based on a hat drawing format.
  • You must be present during the duration of the tournament. Failure to show up when your name has been called for 15 minutes will result in disqualification.


  • The tournament will start in the beginning of 1 match, the winner of the match shall sit still and continue in the tourney for the upcoming matches and this person will be known as the "King", while the losers of matches are not being eliminate immediately yet.
  • Loser of the match can continue to challenge the king as many times as they want to, but if players are lining up, they should leave the sit and let the next player to play for the match. But they always can line up in the queue again to take their challenge.
  • Every registered players are able to line up into the queue.
  • All matches are determined in 1 set of win only. (BO1)
  • If the challenger win the King in the match, they will sit still as the next King and play for upcoming matches until they are lost.
  • The whole tourney will took part for 2 hour, when the time is up, no more extra matches shall be proceed, while the on-going matches are still counted in the final result. During character selection screen is also being acknowledged as an On-going match.
  • 2 Lines of game will be provided during the tournament, the end result we shall have 2 Kings.
  • When the time is up, the 2 final Kings that remain on the throne will proceed to the final matches between the Kings.
  • The winner of match between the Kings will be determined in 3 sets of win. (BO5)
  • The final winner will take the champion of this tournament.
  • Player's winning streak will be record during the match for extra purpose*


  • All profiles must be passed to the committee members before the tournament starts.
  • Participants who wish to use their own game set (joystick/keyboard/controller/earphone etc.) should state it in the registration form or specify in the pre-registration message. Modified equipment and usage of memory/turbo/quick/moves playback buttons are RESTRICTED.
  • It is RECOMMENDED that you construct your own deck beforehand and save it in the profile *.pf* file and attach it during pre-registration or bring it in a pendrive. Otherwise, any players without their own profile will be using the default profile for the following match ups.
  • Players are allowed to use any character and any deck in all matches.
  • The map use will always be The Magical Library.
  • Slamming of keyboards or controllers is prohibited during the match as they pose a distraction to other players. A warning will be given for the 1st offense and a 2nd offense will result in a DISQUALIFY.
  • No editing or viewing of decks once the tournament starts.
  • Control and profile checking (except deck checking) are allowed before the tournament starts. Once the match starts, no change are allowed.
  • If you quit during the game for any reason after a match starts, you will be DISQUALIFIED. Scripts will be utilized to determine who initiated the quit.
  • Swearing is prohibited. Keep it clean.
  • A rematch will be only given if there are technical problems or complications that arise during the match (A crowd majority will decide on whether a rematch will be given).
  • Enjoy and have fun.