• Get your pedometer from our game station counter after signing up.
  • You may be provided with a safety pin if you are not wearing any pants or you are scared that the pedometer will fall out during the game. Seek for assistance from our volunteers if you are unable to get the pin onto you.
  • If you are holding any heavy or expensive items (bags, props, electronic devices), you are most welcome to hand over to the game station counter while signing up. HOWEVER, we are not liable for any missing / damaged items.
  • Don't jump! Stay still before the music starts. We will signal you guys to get ready. Remember to set it to ZERO on your pedometer. We don't like cheaters~
  • During the game, please have a little distance from others for your own sake. They may injure you if things get rough.
  • The song will be played for 1 minute 30 seconds. After the song is over, our friendly volunteers will come to you and record your final score. After that, you'll be free to get your belongings back from us. Please DO remember to give us back our precious pedometers.
  • Goal: Congratulations! You won a prize for achieving more than 200 points! Please do collect your prize at our redemption counter.


For safety concerns, do note that attires that are a little revealing; involve platforms or high heels, or any of those which are inappropriate in this game are not advised to play.


  1. Registration fee per game is RM5.
  2. Sign up by filling in the forms on the spot.
  3. Put on the pedometer provided to you by the Game Master.
  4. Remember to set your pedometer to zero and wait for the music to start.
  5. Dance as crazy as you wish.
  6. When the music stops, stop yourself!
  7. Show your score to the Game Masters.
  8. Should you hit our target number, prepare yourself to be "handsomely rewarded!"