• Singing is the minimum required act for this competition. Duet & group singing are allowed, with a maximum of 3 members per group.
  • Bands are not qualified for this competition; bands will have a chance to shine on stage by registering for our "Bands / Stage Performances" online audition.
  • Participants will go through 3 stages of elimination process:
    1. AniManGaki Idol Auditions : (13 June 2015),
    2. AniManGaki Idol Preliminaries : (29 August 2015), & lastly
    3. AniManGaki Idol Finals : (30 August 2015)
  • No participant can join more than one entry in this competition.
  • Top 3 winners of the immediate previous AniManGaki Idol are subject to a one-year cooling period, thus not eligible to join this year's competition. This is to encourage new talents to join.
AniManGaki Idol Winners Cooling Period Eligibility in 2015
Top 3 of 2014 One(1) year Not Eligible
Top 3 of years prior to 2014 N/A Eligible
  • Reading or singing from a script or printed lyrics is discouraged. Participants are expected to memorise the lyrics beforehand.
  • To register, please fill in the registration form with complete details & attach your song of choice. We strongly encourage submission of audio files which have the bit rate of 320kbps & are in MP3 format to ensure audio quality. Should you encounter any submission difficulty, please email us at [email protected].
  • Songs chosen & submitted must fit either categories:
    • Any Japanese song, or
    • English song with relation to Japanese ACG media.
  • Songs submitted must be of non-vocal version (instrumental version)
  • Participants are required to perform not more than 2 minutes and 15 seconds. As AniManGaki will not be responsible for any audio editing post-submission, you are compulsorily required to trim the song to enable optimal expression of your vocal talent (e.g. edit out long intro).
  • Should you wish to audition using any musical instrument (exclude drums) in the absence of an instrumental track, please bring your own & state your equipment in the registration form under 'Remarks'.
  • Registration officially ends on (8 June 2015) at 11.59PM. Should you need to make any changes, please RESUBMIT a new form before deadline! The latest entry will automatically replace any previous entry. Post-deadline (re)submissions will not be entertained as last minute arrangements are difficult for us.
  • Please bring your music in a pendrive / CD on audition day for backup purposes. Once again, audio files in MP3 format with the bit rate of 320kbps are strongly encouraged.
  • The queuing of auditions will be announced & conducted on audition day.
  • Early arrival for registration on audition day does not guarantee an earlier performance. Participants are expected to be present until their time of performance. Please bear with us throughout this audition!
  • If you have any time constraints (e.g. Oh no! Need to walk your pet goldfish!), please inform our staff as early as possible, or state such constraints in the registration form under 'Remarks'.
  • AniManGaki has the rights to disqualify anyone who is deemed unsuitable for the competition and Judges' decisions are final.
  • Lastly, have fun! :D


  • Preliminaries and Finals will be held only once and all decisions made will be final. 
  • Only FIVE (5) participants will advance to AniManGaki Idol Finals (Day 2, Sunday)
  • Four (4) participants will be selected to advance + One (1) participant as a Wild Card entry. 
  • Participants are subject to only TWO (2) types of results: PASSED or DISQUALIFIED.
  • Participants who passed will advance automatically to AniManGaki Idol Finals.
  • Participants who are disqualified will not be able to advance further in the competition.




Previously played for ONIGIRI band and Flying Pan band, and now "mutesite".

Previously toured Tokyo, won 3rd place at nationwide "Battle of the Bands"

Performed at platforms such as Comic Fiesta, Animangaki, Asaban, C2age, GACC, Jrock no Tamashii, and many other Malaysian indie platforms.

Jyorin started out as a musician from the ACG scene when she was 18, playing keyboards as well as singing back up vocals for ONIGIRI band and then Flying Pan band. Growing up with plenty of soundtracks from anime, games, Jrock and Jpop, her style of music naturally tends to be rather Japanese-influenced. Jyorin is currently a full-time composer/arranger/songwriter aside from playing for local math band, "mutesite" in search of a new experimental experience. She has come a long way from stage experience to understanding the elements of musicality in the past five years.

Huei Chan


Previous AniManGaki Idol 2010 Winner, Top 16 Astro Star Guest competition

Local performer at ACG events, including Comic Fiesta 2012, 2014 and UCC Cosplay Ballroom

"Hi, I'm Huei Chan! I'm a solo singer and I fell in love with singing at the age of 7. Since then, I've joined various competitions and experienced many different events and stages.

In 2010, I participated in AniManGaki's singing competition a.k.a AMG Idol, and with the best of luck, emerged as the Champion of the competition! From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank AniManGaki for giving me the chance to became part of it, as this is my first time performing anime songs on stage. I'm happy to see that AniManGaki has improved so fast within these few years!

Later in 2013, I auditioned for a local Mandarin singing competition "Astro Star Quest" and made it to the Top 16 (greatest experience ever!).

Currently, I still love singing and continue to perform at many ACG events, such as Comic Fiesta and UCC Cosplay Ballroom. This experience has been a joy, blessing and the most wonderful thing that has brighten my world! Thank you"

Leena Al-Zawawi

ACG Singer and AniSong Judge

Founded "Harmonia ACG" in 2012, performs at almost every local ACG event.

Featured on NHK's 'We Love Japanese Songs! 2014' special New Years program.

Actively participates in singing competitions as a Competitor, Emcee, or Judge.

Originally someone who never spoke unless absolutely necessary, Leena sang in public for the first time in 2010 during a singing competition, and since then has continued to place in the Finals and Top 3 of every other competition in which she has taken part. She founded the local ACG cover group "Harmonia ACG" in 2012 after meeting her groupmates in the Finals of AniManGaki Idol 2011. Since that fateful meeting, Leena and Harmonia ACG have been actively participating and performing in almost every ACG event in Malaysia. In addition to her regular solo and group performances, Leena has also been invited to judge several other singing and band competitions all over Kuala Lumpur, allowing her to expand her horizons on the local and international music arena.