Behold, a history of how the very essence of 'dynamic' played a huge role in making us who we are today--one of the greatest ACG events in Malaysia.


Making its debut in 2009, AniManGaki was the brainchild of Sun-U Anime Club (SUAC)'s founder, Yvonne Sing Yee Wen. The annual convention was formed by fans, for fans; with the sole purpose of bringing together anime, manga, and game enthusiats from all walks of life. Branded by the public as "The Trendsetter", AniManGaki continues to surprise visitors by bringing something new to the event each year.

Since 2012, AniManGaki had finalized its separation from SUAC, becoming a convention solely organized by AniManGaki Organizing Committee. Its founding members, graduatees from Sunway University, have continued to actively participate in major event operations till today. Since then, they (along with new additions to the committee) have made calls to improve the content of the event; including the painful decision to leave its birthplace for a larger venue, to accomodate the rising number of attendees.

Today, AniManGaki proudly calls Sunway Pyramid Convention Center -- home sweet home.



The warring flags waved at the break of dawn. The year was 2014. AniManGaki laid siege to Sunway Pyramid Convention Center, turning the clock back to the Sengoku Era (our theme of the year). Samurai gathered from across the peninsula and beyond at the beckoning of the orange lion warlord. Alongside war strategist, Lim Jo Lynn, the crew had but one notion—to conquer and rule over the past. Special guests from abroad, Animenz (Youtube pianist sensation) and stayxxxx (star Taiwanese cosplayer) joined in on the fray. Our themed activity, Shoudo tested the fans on their calligraphy skills, bringing creativity to light on the battlefield. As the sun set on its sixth year, AniManGaki broke its personal record with an overwhelming number of 11,500 attendees.


We decided to go retro, and we don’t mean hipster-retro. AniManGaki paid homage to the Victorian Age, a time when large, flowery dresses and tall, sleek top hats were all the rage back then. From opera performances and costume ballrooms, to drama acts on public stages, we entertained 8,000 strong attendees. AniManGaki also featured its first guest, Tatsumi Inui (star Japanese cosplayer), who dazzled fans and photographers alike. We hold you rode the steam train, bound for AniManGaki at the prestigious Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. And the crew reported that some of you were caught sipping tea with your pinkies in the air at our tea room.

What happened in AniManGaki 2013?


A classroom with students mingling around, school teachers going about their boring lectures, and the ringing of the bells signifying "freedom!", it was "Back to School" at AniManGaki. Principle Terry Ng and his assistant Jesicca Lee Jenn, were determined to make learning “cool” again. This year, Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre played host to the fourth AniManGaki, attracting an astounding 4,500 attendees. In conjunction with the theme, we held a mini otaku (anime fan) examination—AniManGakuen, challenging fans to test their anime knowledge. And of course, "cheating" was allowed so as long as the students don't get caught by our Uncle Sensei.

What happened in AniManGaki 2012?


We were hearing through the coconut trees that AniManGaki was steadfastly gaining fans. This left Kaichou Song Leong and crew all pumped up and ready for some fun! Also held in Sunway University, the event was able to reach record high of 2,200 attendees in its third year running. In 2011, AniManGaki became the first ACG event in Malaysia to include an exclusive section dedicated to Touhou Project. In celebration of the hot sun, the event went with Summer (Natsu) as the overall theme. We hope you brought your sunglasses, and joined in on excitement!

What happened in AniManGaki 2011?


AniManGaki needed a game plan, one that will set us apart from the rest, and so we began to adopt a general theme for everyone (us and you, of course) to further express themselves. Trick-or-treat! Kaichou Syed Nasruddin Hibiki and crew certainly knew what’s best to beat the Malaysian heat. Pranks and scares abound at Sunway University as AniManGaki chose Halloween as their first theme. Forget candies, we brought the first and only ACG Haunted House to 1,600 courageous attendees. You should have seen how tired our "ghosts" were!

What happened in AniManGaki 2010?


The debut year of AniManGaki was paved with slime monsters and meandering paper works. As a party led by Kaichou (leader/head) Yvonne Sing, we burst into the anime scene with the burning passion and ambition to exceed expectations. AniManGaki was first held at the Multipurpose Hall of Sunway University to the attendance of 1,000 happy anime fans. We were the first college-leveled anime event to have successfully incorporated Omatsuri (Japanese festival) and live JRock band performances as part of our event highlights. Its success set our spirits on fire, giving us the courage to walk forth and to go where no ACG events go.

What happened in AniManGaki 2009?