24 - 25 AUGUST 2013 || 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


touhou festival


Since its conception, Touhou has gained popularity amongst the Malaysian fan base in more ways than one. Whether you were introduced to the series through watching flash animations, playing the games, listening to the music or reading Doujins, you probably grew to like more and more about the series and various fan based creations.

Today, Touhou retains a healthy and growing fanbase in Malaysia of many interests from cosplaying to gaming and even content creation. Geologically, they are widespread, with fans located in the Klang Valley as well as the Northern, Southern and Eastern states, to as far away as East Malaysia. Our goal is to build on this base that we have cultivated over the past few years, attracting new interest to the series by creating an opportunity for others to learn more about Touhou and to unite Malaysian Touhou fans from various parts of the country into a single working entity.

Without a doubt, the strongest attractor of new followers comes from our live events. With each Animangaki (AMG) that has passed us, our numbers have grown slowly to become the group we have today. To further bolster this number, we will be attempting to step up our game by increasing activity this coming AMG.

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Touhou-related competitions


The Animangaki Touhou Cosplay Lucky Draw Section, for both day of cosing the touhou character, you will have a chance to join in the lucky draw, every entry will have a prize!


Events aside, we will also be hosting two Doujin booths. The first will be for Wolf Den Doujin, a circle renowned for producing awesome Touhou content such as artbooks and wallpapers. This year, not only will they will be sponsoring several prizes for our competitions, they will be looking at increasing their variety of products, so come visit them and see if there’s anything you like.


The second booth will be taken by AnimeGeck-O, a popular hobby shop from Kuantan that imports Touhou paraphernalia such as wall scrolls, mouse pads, TCG playmats and figurines such as Nendoroid, Figma and others. They will be sponsoring the prizes for Touhou Sky Arena, and Touhou Chaos-Axia this year.

Dex Hexallion

A local Touhou Doujin Music arrangement/composer group. Led by Kazami Shintaro, they are here to show off some touhou music magic, with fun activities to follow!

Booth activities:

  • Music Quizzes(with prize)
  • Sale/Album Release of Ensemble of Gensokyo
  • Live Fruity Loops Studio tutorials and demonstration.
  • Digital Orchestra music demonstrations by Kazami Shintaro