24 - 25 AUGUST 2013 || 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM



What could be more enjoyable than playing games? Well, playing games and winning prizes! Test your dexterity and skills against the multiple games that challenges your utmost abilities!

omatsuri games

Games that are focused on a series of skill challenges on how much point you can accumulate and claim your prize.

Shooting Range

Shoot down and score as much points as you can with a nerf gun.


Attempt to get as many hoops as you can on one pole!

Electric Buzzer

Got steady hands? Give this piece of puzzle a go, take the ring across the metal wire without touching the wire.

Water Pong

Bounce the ping pong balls off the table into as many cups as you can.


Good old fashion bull eyes targets. Compete with your friends on who has the better hand.

Daruma Otoshi

Remember that wooden tower game where you use the hammer to knock the platforms below it off? Are you l33t enough for this?

theme game

AMG's special games that only appears specifically according to the theme that has been set for the year.


Play against our very own Chess Master as he takes on the challenge of playing against multiple players at the same time.

Table Set Up

How fast can you set up a perfect Victorian Tea from scratch with an empty table? Or decorate your very own Victorian Tea table and make it the most beautiful looking one among them all.