24 - 25 AUGUST 2013 || 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


animangaki idol


10 Jul


Top 12 Audition Finalists

Congratulations to the following winners! You have been chosen as the top 12 finalists! See you on AniManGaki 2013 stage!

  1. Miruto (ミル)
  2. Aiyuko Jouji
  3. Minami Aiko
  4. Ami
  5. Shawn Kazu
  6. Kei 'Tecknoxy' Aizaki
  7. Tan Zie Aun
  8. Shusuke
  9. Ceres
  10. Rin
  11. Phoxias
  12. Venus

*All names written are based on nicknames registered in the audition form

Competition Process



  • Our representative will contact you along with a form to fill in.
  • Kindly fill in the form and reply along with the audio files attached.


  • A total of TWELVE (12) who passed the auditions will perform on stage in AniManGaki 2013.


  • A total of FIVE (5) finalists will be selected for the final round. The winners consist of ONE winner and ONE runner-up.


  • Please follow all the General Rules & Regulations.
  • Only Japanese/ Anime related songs are allowed.
  • Register at the AMG Headquarters beforehand. You will get a free ticket!
  • Be at the backstage at least 5 minutes beforehand.
  • If you have any changes to the songs, PLEASE note us immediately. We need to notify the DJ.
  • Also, we will announce and tell you the results of the competition shortly, so don’t run away!

Terms & conditions

  • All citizens on Earth of any age are qualified to enter this contest.
  • Winners of the competition will be announced on Sunday, 25th August 2013, 5pm onwards.
  • Winners of the competition who are unable to attend the prize giving ceremony can contact us via email [email protected] or through Facebook to arrange mail delivery or pickup (Petaling Jaya only).
  • Decisions made by the judges for the competition is final.
  • AniManGaki claims the rights of any submitted artworks to publish them.
  • Rules & Regulations are subject to minor changes.