24 - 25 AUGUST 2013 || 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


activity line ups

cosplay photography

Compete with other photographers and put your name on our Hall of Famed Photographers! Send us your highest quality photo-shoot to our annual Photography Competition!

art competition

Compete against other artists as they draw their way to the top of our list! Do not be shy! Pick up the pencil and paper and start drawing!

Booth Registration

Play businessman/women for 2 days and set up shop at one of the hottest events in town! Reach out the audience with your awesome handiworks!

AniManGaki Idol

We want to gather and build the finest talents for the Anime culture in Malaysia. Join us and start your way into fame with the Animangaki Idol!

touhou festival

If you are interested in meeting new Touhou fans, play Touhou games, buy Touhou merchandise or increase your understanding about the series, come and join us!

touhou games arena

Main attractions are the Hisoutensoku and SkyArena competitions, featuring prizes worth over RM 800!

solo cosplay

Will you be the last one standing? Register for the Cosplay Competition Solo to test your cosplaying skills!

duet cosplay

Take up arms and join the battle between cosplayers! Fight your way to Japan with our attractive prizes.

bands & performances

Show your passion and rock the stage at AniManGaki 2013! Limted slots are available. Register now!

blazblue x umvc3

Show your skills and reach to the top in this ultimate video game tourny! Presented by Team Inc.


What could be more enjoyable than playing games? Test your dexterity and skills against the multiple games that challenges your utmost abilities!

cosplay workshop

Get technical at the following cosplay workshops and Learn the most important skills needed to glide through all your cosplay projects here!

tcg tournament

Battle against each other with your deck of cards! The trading card game tournament is back again this year for more! Hosted by little Akiba

...and that all!