24 - 25 AUGUST 2013 || 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


about animangaki

Making its debut in 2009, AniManGaki is the brainchild of Sun-U Anime Club's founder, Yvonne Sing Yee Wen. The event was formed by fans, for fans; with the sole purpose of bringing together fans and lovers of anime from all walks of life. Branded "The Trendsetter", AniManGaki continues to surprise visitors each year with something new.

Did you know?
AniManGaki is abbreviated from the words Anime, Manga and Gaki (Japanese slang for 'brat'). The event name was coined on 30th of March at 3.00 am via MSN Messenger Chatroom between Yvonne and a crew member. The light bulb lighted eventually because of Yvonne’s nickname for the crew members. You’ve guessed it right; it’s the word 'gaki'.

AniManGaki 2012

A classroom with students mingling around, school teachers going on about their boring lectures, the ringing of the bells signigying FREEDOM, its "Back to School" at AniManGaki. As 2012 marks a brand new dawn for AniManGaki, Event Director Terry Ng and his assistant Jesicca Lee Jenn, was determined to create the most memorable and exciting event to date. This year, Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre played host to the 4th AniManGaki, attracting an astounding 4,500 attendees. In conjunction with the theme, a mini otaku examination was held, 'AniMaGakuen', challenging fans to test their anime knowledge, and of course "cheating" was allowed, as long as the participants didn't get caught by our Uncle Sensei

"What makes AniManGaki different from other ACG events is the environment. The background songs which was played throughout the day really set the mood and I really enjoy the various band performances!"

– Nur Hazratie Ibrahim, teacher from the UE Creative World group

AniManGaki 2011

Now that AniManGaki was steadfastly gaining fans, Kaichou Song Leong was all pumped up and ready to have some fun! Also, held in Sunway University, the event was able to reach record high 2,200 attendees in its three years running. This time, AniManGaki became the first event in Malaysia to include an exclusive section dedicated to Touhou Project. In celebration of the hot sun, the event went with Summer (Natsu) as the overall theme.

"AniManGaki 2011 was nothing short of jam-packed with fun activities for everyone.There was never a dull moment at AniManGaki 2011, so there is no wonder why everyone is eagerly awaiting AniManGaki 2012."

– Leena Al-Zawawi, 2nd Runner-Up AFAMY Regional Cosplay Championships Preliminaries 2012

AniManGaki 2010

Setting the bar higher from feedbacks received the year before, Kaichou Syed Nasruddin Hibiki planned to make it an even better experience for everyone who would and had attended before. The event, held at the same location, began to adopt a general theme for audience members to further express themselves and for this year, it was Halloween. We also brought the first and only ACG Haunted House to 1,600 attendees. You should have seen how tired our "ghosts" were!

"All activities, matsuri games and haunted house [are] definitely happening!! Can see throngs of people throughout the day at all these places!"

– Jowena Kok, CFAB student from Sunway University

AniManGaki 2009

First led along by our very capable Kaichou (leader/head) Yvonne Sing, we burst into the anime scene with great expectations and an enthusiastic crew. It was held at the Multipurpose Hall of Sunway University to the attendance of 1,000 happy anime fans. We were the first college leveled anime event to have successfully incorporated Omatsuri and live JRock band performances as part of our event highlights. We were indeed blessed to have made this event come to fruition and also exceeding initial expectations.

"For a first year event by a first year club, AniManGaki is very successful. I will go as far to say that it will be a force to be reckoned with."

– Janice Low, marketing student from INTI International University