Canopy Walk  

Canopy Walk

By Canopy Walk

No parking? No worries! This year, you can travel to AniManGaki 2011 by Canopy walk! Now you can park at Sunway Pyramid and walk over to Sunway University that easy!

What is Canopy Walk?

It is a short 360m walk on a bridge directly from Sunway Pyramid to Sunway University. Open Daily 7am - 12 midnight

Where is it?

From Sunway Pyramid, exit near JCo. Donuts and you can see the pathway. It is actually beside Sunway Lagoon Entrance.
From Sunway College, it is Behind the Bollywood Bitez Corner, across the bridge to the East Building.

Wait! there's more!

Its only a 5 minute walk Sunway Pyramid - Sunway University!


Entrance from Sunway Pyramid & behind Sunway Lagoon It's like walking into the forest :3 Overview of Sunway Lagoon Pirate Ship ride in Sunway Lagoon. If you are lucky enough, you can hear people screaming! Exit/Entrance at Sunway Pyramid Your are being WATCHED! Jiii~ You can see J.Co Donuts from here Entrance towards Sunway Pyramid from Sunway University Entrance towards Sunway University from Sunway Pyramid If you are this <s>short</s> high... Eeks! Scream Park below! Italianese anyone? One straight walk