Volunteer Page  


The Volunteering Act

How to Become a Volunteer

  • Fill up the volunteer form.
  • You can download the form by pressing the button below.

Rules and Regulations

  • By signing up to become a volunteer, you agree to abide all rules and regulations as stated by the event
  • Volunteers has the privilage of entering the event for free with a minimum requirement of working for 4 hours.
  • All volunteers should seek an AniManGaki Committee as a foreperson aka a 'temporary boss'.
  • On the event date, please arrive on time ( 9am unless you have stated beforehand ) and seek your registered foreman. If you are unable to locate your foreman, please seek the AMG Office for help.
  • Volunteers will be given a tag as soon as they are verified either by the AMG Office or by the foreman.
  • Your foreman will assign you duties as soon as you are ready. This can range from: Logistics, Security , Office or Booth Staff.
  • If any problems arise such as 'missing foreman' or qualms about assigned work, please seek either your foreman or the AMG Office.
  • Volunteers who help for at least 8 hours will get a free limited crew T-shirt, please refer to the volunteer form for more details.
  • Volunteers are required to check in at the AMG Office upon arrival and check out when leaving the event site.
  • Volunteers are required to be at the event side as long as they are checked in as a volunteer. If any crew member decides to do a check and you are found missing in action, the committee has the right to terminate your volunteer privilages.
  • Below are the available committee members for AniManGaki:

  • Name Job Type
    Joel Andrew Security & Logistics
    Song Leong Omatsuri
    Yi Aun AMG Office
    Darren Lee Figurine Booths