About AniManGaki

Making its debut in 2009, AniManGaki strives to bring to the public what most anime and manga conventions have, and more.

First led along by our very capable 'Kaichou' (leader/head) and one of the three founders of Sun-U Anime Club (SUAC), Yvonne, we burst into the anime scene with great expectations and an enthusiastic crew. We were indeed blessed to have made this event come to fruition and also exceeding initial expectations. Setting the bar higher this time from the feedback we've received, we plan to make it an even better experience for everyone who would and has come before.

In other words, for AniManGaki 2011, we hope to bring even more entertainment and awareness of this growing anime culture. With competitions of many kinds like cosplay, singing, and band competitions, and an even bigger and decidedly better Omatsuri at the side, we're all pumped up and ready to have some fun!

Also, located in Sunway University, near the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall, you're never too far away from a little after-event shopping.