About Us

About Us

Sun-U Anime Club

Seeding from just three students, Yvonne, Charlene, and Paul, or better known as the founders of the Sun-U Anime Club (SUAC), SUAC has blossomed since then into a huge tree of various types of people from all over Sunway University College - like a cherry blossom tree.

Consisting of new faces every few months, there are still some sempai (senior) members left that has participated as crew in the last AniManGaki that you might recognise as well. We are a mighty friendly and helpful bunch; especially when it comes to exchanging anime and manga!

So don't be shy, we don't bite - unless some tiger virus is on the rampage. Till that happens, youkoso!


Hey, who are the people working behind AniManGaki 2011? They are all here!