Frequently Asked Questions

Ticketing, Entrance and Event Area
1. How much is the ticket for 2 days?
Please click here to find out more.

2. Where and when can I purchase the ticket?
All tickets can be purchased during the event day (27th to 28th June 2009) at the ticket booth near the MPH, 4th floor of Sunway University College.

However, for those who wish to purchase the ticket earlier, we have a ticket sales (For one-day or two-day, non-cosplayers/public ticket only) starting from May 25, 2009 onwards. Do let us know by sending an email at Names and email address required.

Note that the ticket prices will remain the same.

3. I have lost my ticket. Is it possible to get another new ticket?
Your ticket is your responsibility. We'll not provide any replacement for the lost tickets. You'll have to purchase another ticket in order to enter the event area.

4. I've just got out of the event area. Is it still possible to re-enter this area again?
Yes, but you need to show the valid ticket to the security.

5. Am I allowed to bring any electronic device (Digital cameras, handphones, laptops, Ipod, ect. ) to the event area?
Yes, you are allowed to, except for heavy electonic devices like laptops/computers or amplifiers. However, bring it at your own risk. We are not responsible for any loss of belongings.

6. Are food and drinks allowed in the event area?
Again, yes, you are allowed to, but take note that in the Lecture Theater 6(Movie Screening area) only non-messy food is allowed. Make sure you keep it clean okay... =D

7. I've lost a child in the event area. I need some to assistants to search for me.
Crowds are expected during the event. If your child is missing, inform any nearby committees promptly and we'll try our best to look for him/her. Each committees members will be wearing a press tag for easy identification. If we found any lost child, we'll announced it immediately. However, again, we are not responsible for any missing child.div>

8. I'm lost. Where am I? Where do I go?
If you do get lost, ask any committee members nearby for direction. You can differentiate them by the committee tag they'll be wearing.

9. Am I allowed to cosplay, even though I am not participating in the competition?
Yes, you are allowed to, and its not a must. The advantage for anyone who will be cosplayed on the event day is that the entrance fee will be charged with only RM 5, instead of RM 8. However, cosplay at you own risk. Any damage to the cosplay costume is not our responsibility.


1. How can I register into the competitions?

You are allowed to register in any competition, except for karaoke competition, on the 1st event day, our before the competition begins. Just drop by at the campus during that day and register yourself at the respective booth.

However, it is recommended to register in advance by sending the registration form via e-mail to [email protected]
Visit to find out about the competitions and registration forms.

As for the karaoke competition, you must register via e-mail. Fill up the form and attach the file, together with the instrumental/karaoke version of the music (must be in MP3 form) to [email protected]
Visit to find out more and get the registration form.

  • Please read the rules and regulations as well as the terms and conditions.
  • Do register 2 hours before the competition begins, any late registration will consider as invalid.

2. Do contestants need to pay for registration and entrance fee? If yes, how much do they cost?
The registration fee for all contestants, except for karaoke competition contestants, are free-of-charge. As for karaoke competition participants, you'll need to pay extra RM 2 as registration fee.

Log on to to check out on the overall price.

3. Where and when should I pay for the entrance with/without the registration fee?
If you're cosplayed during the event day, you can only pay at the ticket booth during the event day near MPH, 4th floor of the campus. Otherwise, you can pay before or during that day and then register during that day. As for karaoke contestant, the registration fee can only be paid during the event day.

4. As a cosplayer, what kind of items are allowed and not allowed in the competition?
Please refer to at the terms and conditions section.

5. Are soundtracks/backgound musics (BGM) allowed for the cosplay competition?
Yes, they are allowed, for the finale stage only, where selected contestants will need to perform a skit/sketch.

6. I'm participating in cosplay competition and I have doubts on bringing along some unlisted materials for cosplaying. How do I know whether it is safe to bring along?
You can contact the committees by sending us an e-mail to [email protected] A reply will be sent to you a few days later.

7. I want to join in the karaoke competition. Do I need to bring along the music during the event?
As mentioned before, You will not need to bring the music for the competition during the event. Instead, just send in the music, together with the registration form to [email protected]. Note that the music must be in MP3 format, and must be in karaoke/instrumental version.

8. I've decided to participants in the art competition. Should I bring all the drawing materials for the competition?
Yes, except for drawing block, which will be provided by the committees dring that competition.
Doujin Booth
1. How do I register for doujin booth?

2. What items are allowed for sales?

Any non-commercial items, except
  • Videotapes, model kits, or original manga (comic book) at these booths.
  • Second-hand, violent, socially offensive, and adult materials such as Yaoi, Yuri, and Hentai.
3. What time must I be at the event area? What should I do before I set up the booth during the event?
It is recommended to arrive at the event area an hour before the event begins, as the booth operating hour begins at 10.00 a.m. Just bring along your IC to retrieve your booth.

4. Are food and drinks allowed in the hall while guarding the booth?
Yes, provided you can keep the hall clean.

5. Is it allowed to bring any electronic device for the booth?
Yes, you are allowed to, except heavy electonic devices like laptops/computers or amplifiers. However, bring it at your own risk. We are not responsible for any loss of your belongings.

Other Activities
1. What kind of games do you have in Omatsuri and how much do I need to pay per game?
Curious to know? Come to this activities and find out yourself during the event. Lots a prizes awaits you! It is located at the classrooms opposite to the MPH. The price is just RM 2 per game.

2. I'm interested in watching anime movie. Where and when can I watch the movies? How much do I need to pay?
The anime movies will begin at 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. in both day, located at the Lecture Theater 6.
Visit to find out the schedule of the movie screening.
The anime movie screening is free-of-charge.

3. Are food and drinks allowed during the screening?
As mentioned before, food and drinks, except mineral water, are not allowed during the movie screening.

1. Where is the location of the Sunway University College? How can I get there?
Please refer to to find out how.

1. I have a question to ask. Where can I contact you?
If you have any doubts regarding our event, just send your enquires to and we'll sort it out for you in the next few days. Note that name and e-mail address are required.