Program Flow
10.00am Open to public

Opening ceremony
Lucky Draw (x2)
Solo Piano Performances
Karaoke Competition Preliminary

Art Doujin Competition
Lucky Draw (x2)
Solo Cosplay Competition
6.00pm Prize Giving Ceremony
6.30pm First Day End
Open to Public

Karaoke Competition Finale
Lucky Draw (x2)
Group Cosplay Competition
Weiz Schwarz Card Game Tournament

Prize Giving Ceremony
Lucky Draw (x2)
Band Performance
6.30pm Closing Ceremony
General Rules and Regulations
  • Copying, duplicating, selling or trading tickets are against the law.
  • The purchased tickets are neither refundable nor returnable. We will not be held responsible for any loss of tickets and no replacement of new ticket is allowed.
  • Anyone, regardless of whether one is participating any competitions, are allowed to cosplay. However cosplay at your own risk.
  • Smoking within the campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Bringing any dangerous objects along that may threaten people's life or cause damages to the campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Using the stage without permission even when there are no activities taking place on the stage are prohibited . Sun-U Committee will hold the right to remove anyone from the stage and event hall if anyone should not follow this rule.
  • Performing any violate, abusive or sexual acts, harassment, commotions, protests, racist or anything that may upset the people's reputation within the campus is not allowed.
  • Any damage to campus facilities or properties will result in penalty or fine imposed based on campus authorities.
  • Any wheeled vehicles (Bicycles, scooters, inline skaters, skateboards, ect) within the campus are strictly not allowed.
  • Parking area inside or outside the campus is available. However park at own risk.
  • Figurines are meant for display. Once broken/damaged, consider sold.
  • If you are lost, or encounter any difficulties during the event, do ask any committee members nearby. Each committees will have the press tag on, for easy identification.
  • We will not be held full responsibility for any loss or damage of personal property, injury/casualties due to accident during and after the event.
  • For more enquires about the event, go to mail.php.

  • For Contestants

  • Do take care of your materials (cosplay costumes, cosmetics, art materials, ect) that are required in the competition at all times. We will not take full responsibility for any loss or damage to your belongings.
  • Any delay on arriving on stage will be disqualified, unless rational reason is given.
  • Replacement of any participants of the competition on the spot is not allowed.
  • Giving speech on the stage shall not be allowed.
  • Any contestants, especially for cosplayers and singing competition participants who show up with only partially clothed and/or nude will not be allowed access into the hall.
  • Cheating in the competition is also strictly prohibited.
  • Participants, especially for those who participate the cosplay and karaoke competition, who perform violent, offensive, sexual, abusive, nudity representations or act, etc will result in disqualification.
  • Any taunting, vulgarities or defamatory words used in the competition will result in disqualification as well.
  • The judges or the Sun-U committees will hold their rights to disqualify those who break any rules and regulations.
  • The judge's decision is final.
  • Prizes will be forfeited should the winner not present him/herself at the time of presentation, performance and/or prize giving. No appeals will be entertained.
  • The result of the competitions will not affect the outcome of this event.
  • Compete at your own risk. Sun-U and the committees will not be responsible for any loss, damage, casualties that happen inside and outside the event area, as well as after the event day.
  • If any participants have enquiries or anything that may delay the competition, please inform the committees immediately.
  • For more enquires, please contact us at [email protected]

  • For Public and Photographers

  • For cosplay competition, you are only allowed to vote the contestant once by writing the name on the purchased ticket. Tear the dotted line on the voting section and place it the voting box provided. There shall be no rushing or pushing around at the respective location during the voting process.
  • The competition must be appropriate for family entertainment. Critics and comments may be offered. Sun-U Anime Club and its sponsors are not responsible for comments made or the outcome.
  • Photographers are not allowed to stalk or take unethical shots of any cosplayers. Photo shooting is strictly not allowed in the washrooms/changing rooms. Kindly, ask permission from cosplayers before taking their pictures.
  • Photographers are only allowed to take pictures once the contestants are on the stage.
  • For art competition, the drawings after the competition are meant for display. Please do not touch any of these drawings whatsoever. Anyone, regardless of ages, who made damages or messes on the drawing will results in fine or penalty imposed by the committees.