About the Club
SUAC, known as Sun-U Anime Club, was first established since end-June 2008 and became an official club by Student Service Department (SSD) by January 2009.

Our very first meeting began on mid-July 2008 where we've gathered approximately 20 active members, who share a common interest among each other. It's never a doubt that we enjoy watching anime together in most of the meetings, but we also enjoy Japanese games/activities. Some are new and some looks familiar.

On March 24th-26th, 2009, Club and Society Recruitment Week was held at the Student Centre and we have recruited a total of about 30 new members. Today, more than 50 active members, including older/existing members are gathered together in this club, like a family.
About Animangaki 2009
The president of SUAC, Yvonne Yee Wen Sing, had a vision in organising our very first Anime Fest, as like what other anime club in different institutions had done in the past, like Taylor's Anime Fest in Taylor College and C2AGE in Help University.

She had made a proposal to the SSD on September 2008, and after 3 months of discussion, our event was officially approved. On early February 2009, a name was given to our event, called SUAC Animangaki 2009. This event will mark our very first anniversary of our club.

On March 2009 onwards, various fund-raising activities have been carried out in order to achieve our targeted budget.
The Crew and the Committees
Currently, together with the new members recruited, a total of 30 members are volunteered and willing to help and giving full support to the event. Here are the list of the Animangaki crew :


Yvonne Sing Yee Wen

Website and Graphic Designer Crew
Rini (Leader)
Ahmad Rayyan Shan
Ong Ee Lim

Sponsors, Partners and Affiliation Crew
Jo Lynn
Yvonne Sing Yee Wen
Lin Kar Yee
Kelvin Teoh
Khor Bin Yun

Publicity Crew
Yvonne Sing Yee Wen
Bryan Lee Ming Tian
Koh Jet Yang
Poon Pui Yen
Victor Tan
Kelvin Teoh

Stage, Competition and Performances Crew
Ong Ee Lim
Khor Bin Yun

Logistic Crew
Adrian Tok
Lim Yee Kit, Andrew
Jowena Kok Sze Min
Ng Zhao Hoong

DECO (Decoration) Crew
Wan Guan Lim
Stephenie Loo
Natalie Kheu
Nelson Hew
Davion Teh
Amelia Ho

Security Crew
Joseph Low Chern Hou
Marsha Yee (Leader)
Low Shu Li
Joel Andrew
Timothy Chong

Darren Lee

Nasruddin Syed Abdul Hafiz
Justin Hee Kien Hon

Emcees (MCs)
Davion Teh
Ian Gooi
Joyce Ong

Note : Bold - Leader